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Answers of professional locksmiths on questions about locks and lock systems are found below. Do you want to learn more about master key systems and which systems are repairable? Get the best answers about locks and keys!

Will a locksmith cut my key from a mere number?

Yes in most instances the expert can easily create a new lock as long as they have the right key. However it will be imperative that you decisively prove ownership. That means that you should have all the purchase documents including receipts as well as the relevant security notes.

What do I do with the master key?

This security tool opens a number of doors. It will help the expert locksmith in Playa del Rey to deal with a lock-out. Furthermore the custom coded lock gives you an additional layer of protection. The manufacturer will ensure the integrity of the installation and will actually assist you when there is a problem with the master key.

Can a UPVC door lock ever be repaired?

Of course it can! They may look quite fragile but these structures are made of sterner stuff. You may want to contact one of our specialists who have worked with these types of locks before just to be on the safe side.

How do I choose the right locks for my home?

Sometimes, we tend to get overwhelmed with the wide selection of locks available in the market. Choosing the best lock may be a difficult task. However, you can seek help from our locksmith experts. They can provide the best options that suit your needs and preferences.

Should I give a duplicate of my home key to a family friend?

While this is something that is truly up to you, specialists over at Locksmith Playa Del Rey would definitely not recommend doing so. Giving duplicates to anyone who isn’t a member of your household is compromising its security, and while you might trust that person, it simply isn’t worth the consequences.

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