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How to choose good dead bolts

There are many types and brands of dead bolts on the market but you need to make sure the ones you pick have a bolt of at least one inch length. They must secure properly in the frame and the strike plate must also have 4 screws.

Make sure your new dead locks are good

The experts of our Locksmith in Playa del Rey suggest dead bolts with an ANSI grade 1 classification which means that the door locks have been tested for their durability and resistance. The strike plates are best to be made of strong steel and have multiple screws.

Make sure the strike plate is tightened

The strike plate must be well aligned in regard to the latch bolt. If it's loose, the latch won't enter the hole and the door locks won't secure the door. In most cases, you just need to slightly move the strike plate and tighten the screws.

Reinforce home security from time to time

Security systems and locks are constantly renewed. Manufacturers come up with new ideas for greater security and produce more resistant security locks. Today, there are electric, biometric, and keyless door locks as well. Our professionals in Playa Del Rey also suggest the installation of additional systems and advise you to renew them periodically to discourage burglars.

Keep a locksmith’s number in your phone

Always have a locksmith's phone number in your smartphone in case of an emergency. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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