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Modern Locks and Technology

02/16/2014 Back To Blog

The new advancements of technology that is used in modern door locking mechanisms are starting to gradually replace traditional locks. Some people do prefer sticking to the regular models when it comes to their house of office. Industry locksmiths now realize that the surge of technology has made it possible for them to provide their customers with a more effective product that offer increased security of their property. They also provide convenience and reliability that any property owner will be comfortable relying on. Below are some of the newer locking mechanisms that are currently on the market today.Modern Locks and Technology

Cylinder Lockset

Cylinder locks come with the greatest degree of modern technology that helps provide complete safety and security. They look good installed in the home or office and are proven to be quite reliable. You can choose from the options of silver or gold.

Magnet and Mortise Style Locks

The magnet style door locks are crafted from a very powerful magnet; they come with several sophisticated features. You can find them in many different models. The mortise lockset is another good alternative when considering an upgrade for you door locks.  They possess an appealing appearance that looks professional whether in the home or office. The level of security that they provide is quite substantial. Locksmith Playa Del Ray recommends using such reliable locksets as these on the front and back exterior doors.

Deadbolt and Padlocks

Padlock models are made not too different from the traditional ones. More Locksmith companies are using these. This particular type of lock can withstand any forceful attempt of drilling. They also resist against picking which provides more security. These are commonly used by industry professionals as well. Deadlocks are another type that offers advanced technological features. You can find them in many sizes. They are typically gold or even silver.

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